Party FAQs

  1. What time can we start packing up and when do we need to leave by?

Your hire includes full day access to the Cottage, from 8am-6pm.

  1. How many people fit in the Cottage?

That’s a tricky one. There are a lot of little rooms and separate spaces. We usually advise people that they can fit 30 adults + kids, but that this number is much higher if you are using the outdoor space as well. 

  1. Do we need to bring our own cleaning supplies? 

We have all the basics including a vacuum, broom, mop, dishwashing detergent and sponges on site. You shouldn’t need to bring anything. 

  1. Is there a BBQ?

Yes! There is a gas bottle on site but you may need to refill it.

  1. How many tables are there?

There are two full sized trestle tables (located behind the outdoor couch), two large, low tables suitable for kids craft activities or for kids to eat at, and three small wooden side tables or kids tables. 

  1. When will my bond be refunded?

Our treasurer will issue your bond refund within 10 business days of your party date.

  1. How do I access the Cottage?

You will receive an email the day before your party with a lock box access code and instructions.

  1. Where do we dispose of rubbish?

The Cottage has a general waste wheelie bin, and a recycle bin. You are welcome to use these, however if you find that they are full we ask that you please take any remaining rubbish with you.

  1. Can we come by the evening before our party to set up?

No. Hire is for one day only.

You can come early on the morning of your booking to set up.

  1. Is there a dishwasher?

No. Dishwashing detergent, sponges and a drying rack are supplied. 

  1. Does the cottage have wheelchair access?

There is an accessible car parking space by the front gate which leads up a ramp to access the Cottage. Unfortunately the bathroom is not currently wheelchair accessible. 

  1. Is there heating/air conditioning?

Yes, there is a reverse cycle heater/cooler in the main room. Be sure to turn it on when you first arrive as it takes a while to get going.

  1. Is there an oven/kitchen utensils? 

The Cottage has a microwave, oven, oven trays, tongs and utensils for heating food.  There are also lots of serving plates, cutlery, cutting knives, mugs, plates and bowls, boards…All the things you need for food prep and serving.