General Info

Due to allergies, we request that NO foods containing NUT products are brought to Belgrave Lake Park Cottage Playgroup. This includes peanut butter, nut flours, nut milks, Nutella etc. Please be aware that some muesli bars also contain nuts. Whilst we request this of all members and of people hiring the venue for parties, we cannot guarantee this always occurs. Please take your own precautions also.
PLEASE NOTE THE COTTAGE IS CLOSED ON TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS. It is the user’s responsibility to check the CFA website for current warnings. If this happens on a day you have booked the Cottage we will reimburse you the total amount including the booking fee as soon as possible. We apologise for this inconvenience.
We are currently seeking new members of the Committee. Would you like to join? Our meetings are very relaxed, kids are welcome, the roles are quite flexible and can be fitted around life/jobs/babies, you can role-share with someone else, you get a free Cottage party hire, you keep ‘job’ skills alive and make new ones, you get to have a big say in how things are run, you get warm cockles knowing you help keep the place running for all the kids and carers who love coming to Playgroup… IT’S FUN! Committee meetings are held at the Cottage on the first Monday of every month at 7:30pm. Join us!

An Annual General Meeting will be held in October of the current year.

The Annual General Meeting is for the purpose of electing a new committee for the following year and advising members who attend of the outcomes/results/progress etc in various areas of the playgroup.

All members are eligible to nominate for any position and all positions are voluntary. Extra volunteers are always required to help with the various tasks throughout the year.

Each playgroup MUST be represented on the committee, even if only as a general member. All members are expected to attend the AGM.

Check our events page for the details of the next AGM.

Playgroup FAQs

All kinds of people join BLPC Playgroup. Here at BLPC we have many individuals who have joined and met other parents and kids for the first time in their first session. Parents, grandparents, carers, nannies, everyone is welcome into a BLPC group. You don’t have to know anyone! The one thing that draws people to the BLPC community is our kids and a desire to find fantastic facilities and to connect with others in our community.
No. Parent volunteers run our playgroup but you can always contact us at belgrave.playgroup@gmail.com.
No. We are a separate not-for-profit organisation that pays rent to Yarra Ranges Council.
No. We cover costs through membership fees and venue hire. We also do fundraising activities such as workshops.
It's very simple. Send us an enquiry! If we have availability, we can organise a free trial session for you so you're happy with your group. Then you simply complete the online enrolment form and pay the fees.
For the full year it costs $145 (or $40 per term + $25 annual maintenance levy). This is to assist in the purchasing of toys, arts and craft supplies, equipment, cleaning and general supplies plus upkeep of the centre. Can be paid in full or on a term by term basis. The annual amount includes the yearly maintenance levy of $25. The Enrolment officer will issue fee invoices in late January. Our fees cover the entire family (including any additional carers, such as grandparents, aunties and uncles, or therapists).
From 2019, membership with Playgroup Victoria is not mandatory for members of BLPC Playgroup. BLPC Playgroup has public liability insurance with Playgroup Victoria, meaning in the event of damage or personal injury, the Playgroup itself is covered. Nonetheless, if your family would like more comprehensive insurance for your time at playgroup, family cover can be taken out with Playgroup Victoria. For more information please see Playgroup Victoria website: www.playgroup.org.au.

BLPC Playgroup remains open during school terms including school holidays.

2020 Dates:
  • Term 1: Mon 27 Jan – Fri 10 Apr
  • Term 2: Mon 13 Apr – Fri 10 Jul
  • Term 3: Mon 13 Jul – Fri 2 Oct
  • Term 4: Mon 5 Oct – Fri 18 Dec
2021 Dates:
  • Term 1: Mon 27 Jan – Fri 1 Apr
  • Term 2: Mon 19 Apr – Fri 25 Jul
  • Term 3: Mon 12 Jul – Fri 17 Sep
  • Term 4: Mon 4 Oct – Fri 17 Dec
No. Playgroups like ours are hosted by the parents themselves and allow you and your children to make friends, play and socialise in a safe environment together.
Members are welcome to attend as many playgroup sessions as they wish. Come everyday! You can drop in at any time during the opening hours and stay for as little or as long as you feel like. Nonetheless, for insurance purposes you will need to be signed up to a particular day as your regular playgroup day.
If you are interested in joining the playgroup, you are welcome to contact us to arrange a visit. A committee member will be happy to show you around.
For the purposes of public liability insurance, all families using the space for playgroup need to be current members. However, if you are interested in trying out the playgroup, please get in touch to arrange a visit.
Yes. BLPC Playgroup accepts new members every day of the year, lots of families join at many different points within the year – you don’t have to wait until a term starts!
Yes. BLPC regularly accepts whole groups at once into their own separate session. We have plenty of space for large groups and the perfect facilities once your parents group outgrows each others' houses. Contact us to find out what times might be available for your group.
Absolutely. The BLPC Playgroup community is made up of loads of different members, families, grandparents, nannies, carers, parents and friends. We love having a diverse range of ‘families’ here. If you want to be linked to a specific group for ‘grandparents’ let us know, otherwise, you are welcome to join any group you like.
The annual fee is based on a family membership. So you can have one, two or more of your children included as part of your membership and you pay the same amount. Each child needs to be listed on the Membership Form when you join.
The families who attend BLPC Playgroup all have children under the age of 6. We try hard to ensure you get a session time which suits, as well as a group dynamic which is most suited to your child’s age and stage.
School-aged children are not able to attend on a regular basis. However, school-aged children are more than welcome at school holiday events, weekend events and so on.
As BLPC Playgroup is run by its members, we need everyone's support to help keep our playgroup operational and fabulous! BLPC Playgroup has a voluntary committee that makes sure member fees are used wisely throughout the year, but we still rely on all members getting involved. There's no formal duty roster, everyone just needs to do their bit at each session they attend. Here are some examples of how you can help out, or you can chat with a committee member if you're unsure:
  • Volunteer to be a committee member
  • Volunteer at our events (e.g. Bunning’s Sausage Sizzles)
  • Help out at our regular Working Bees
Bring what you need. There is a coffee machine, kettle, and complimentary teas and coffees for adults to make a drink. There is also a fridge and microwave, and oven for food prep.
All of our correspondence to members regarding fun days, offers, special events and general information is sent primarily via email and is also available on our Facebook Group. Don’t miss out, and join our mailing list - there's a link at the bottom of the page!
Please email us at belgrave.playgroup@gmail.com or submit an online enquiry via the Contact page and one of our friendly committee members will try and answer them for you.