The Essentials

In the words of the gov, “in-person playgroups in Victoria can operate. They can be held indoors or outdoors. Up to 10 participants can attend. Both children and their parent or carer count towards the 10 person cap. Babies under 12 months of age are not included in the 10-person cap.” We will be back in touch when these restrictions change. 

For the time being, it’s really important that we all stick to the rules and do the following:

  • SIGN IN EVERY TIME you attend. This is essential for contact tracing. Use the QR code on the front door. 
  • Monitor numbers. It is vital that these limits are not exceeded, to protect yourselves and our playgroup. Your group might like to have a conversation about what you do once you hit the cap. Perhaps folks re-locate to Belgrave Lake Park (so close!), the library (yay BOOKS) or a cafe (mmm coffee). Committee members will be in attendance at most sessions to ensure these numbers are not exceeded. 
  • Don’t come if anyone in your family is sick, AT ALL! See the COVID 19 symptoms here.
  • You must ensure your Playgroup membership is up to date BEFORE attending so we can ensure everyone is contactable and covered by our Insurance. The enrolment form is here.
  • Wash all hands, adult and child, OFTEN. Please get children to wash their hands in the art room sink when they return from playing outside or after using art materials as we will not be cleaning these surfaces regularly. Remember to sing Happy Birthday TWICE! 

What do you do if you think you have COVID19 and have been to playgroup?

You must notify us ASAP if you suspect you have or are confirmed to have COVID 19 and have attended Playgroup. Playgroup will notify all members, close for 2 weeks and do a deep clean of the Cottage. We will, of course, protect your privacy.
Keeping everyone informed is why it is so important that you make sure you have enrolled, paid your membership fees, and signed in every time you attend. 

The Fine Print 

We are following the same guidelines given to schools to keep
us all safe whilst we play. The main points are: 

1. All parents and children who are unwell must stay at home. 
2. Hand hygiene, cough etiquette and environmental cleaning are effective ways to reduce transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).
3. Adults should keep 1.5m between each other, as the main risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the school (read ‘Playgroup’) environment is between adults.
4. Parents/carers of children and young people with complex needs should seek medical advice (from the child or young person’s medical practitioner) to support risk assessment and informed decision making about whether on-site education is suitable. 


We will leave out a few easy to clean toys. Please clean them after each use by placing them in the mesh laundry basket inside the other blue laundry basket, wash them in soapy water, then leave to drain in the basket on the back verandah. Please don’t get more toys out from the toy room without talking to your committee member first. 

Use the hand sanitiser, soap and sanitising sprays
 to clean the high touch surfaces during and after your session. We will also have a checklist up to remind you. This might include washing mats and toys, wiping the cars outside, door handles, the kitchen gate and laundry door lock, the taps, kettle handle, etc. 

Try to keep the door/s open if possible to limit the amount of people touching the door handle. Although we are asking everyone to wash things after use, it is best to always assume it hasn’t been cleaned before you use something.  

Put the dirty bathroom hand towel and any surface wiping cloths you’ve used in the laundry to be washed after each session. Please take this basket home and wash it if it looks full, it’s a team effort. 

We will provide:
Soap, sanitising surface spray and sanitising hand spray for you to use. Please do so or use your own version if you prefer. The products will be kept in the laundry.


CleaningWe have organised for a professional cleaner to come weekly instead of fortnightly to mop and do the main surfaces but feel free to do any extra cleaning when you are at the cottage (the windows definitely need it!). 

No Parties: We will not be hiring out the space for parties until further restrictions are eased and the number of people allowed in one space increases. This ensures that, at the moment, only Playgroup families are using the space.

Currently, this is about 16 families but we expect others to enrol now that we are open again. Our usual number of families is about 40. If you would like to know more about anything else so you can assess the risks for yourself please ask us. 


If you are pregnant or plan to be, we advise that you seek advice from your doctor or trusted source before attending Playgroup. 

If you or your child/ren have compromised immune systems or medical issues in your family, we advise that you seek advice from your doctor or trusted source before attending Playgroup. 

You did it! You got to the end, well done! 

We’re all volunteers doing our best to make this safe and fun for you and your family so please let us know if you have anything you want to tell us.