Please read on for info about our Covid-19 procedures.


According to current government regulations, masks must be worn indoors at all times. Masks are not required in outdoor spaces


In line with government requirements, the Cottage is only open to fully vaccinated individuals and their children. Children under 12 are not required to be vaccinated.

Playgroup Members are required to provide proof of vaccination status to our Enrolments Officer BEFORE attending Playgroup. Members of the committee will be regularly attending Playgroup sessions to ensure these rules are being followed. On top of this being a government regulation, we are committed to making the Cottage a safe play environment in which the risk of infection by Covid-19 is minimised to the greatest extent possible.

**Please email your proof of vaccination to the following address:**

Party Hosts are required to provide proof of vaccination status to our Parties Officer at the time of booking. Given these gatherings are private and we do not have any committee members on-site, the Party Hosts will be responsible for checking the vaccination status of their guests. We will work with Party Hosts to suggest procedures for achieving this.

Please email to discuss any concerns or troubleshoot any issues around Covid-19 procedures and party bookings.


As per requirements, every time a group of any kind meets at the Cottage, there needs to be a Covid Marshal.

For playgroups, the Covid Marshal needs to make sure everyone attending has checked in via the Victoria Service App. Proof of vaccination will be handled centrally by the committee rather than by individual playgroup members, meaning playgroup Covid Marshals are not required to check proof of vaccination for fellow playgroupies.

For parties, the Covid Marshal needs to make sure everyone attending has checked in via the Victoria Service App AND they are fully vaccinated (depending on how the party host has chosen to manage this with their guests).


Please SIGN IN EVERY TIME you attend. This is essential for contact tracing. Use the QR code on the front door AND our paper sign-in book (sorry folks, the QR code is for contact tracing and the paper sign-in is for our records).

You must ensure your Playgroup membership is up to date BEFORE attending so we can ensure everyone is contactable and covered by our Insurance. The enrolment form is here.


We ask everyone attending the Cottage to play by the following “rules”:

  • Wash all hands, adult and child, OFTEN.
  • Ventilate! Preference outdoor over indoor play where possible. Open windows and doors when you arrive, be sure to shut them when you leave.
  • Stay home if you or your kiddos are sick.
  • Get tested if you are sick.
  • Maintain safe physical distance. Keep at least 1.5m between each other.

What do you do if you think you have Covid-19 and have been to Playgroup?

You must notify us ASAP if you suspect you have or are confirmed to have Covid-19 and have attended Playgroup. Playgroup will notify all members, close for 2 weeks and do a deep clean of the Cottage. We will, of course, protect your privacy.
Keeping everyone informed is why it is so important that you make sure you have enrolled, paid your membership fees, and signed in every time you attend. 

We’re all volunteers doing our best to make this safe and fun for you and your family so please let us know if you have anything you want to tell us.